Email Composer

Batch allows brands to compose emails from scratch, with a drag and drop interface called Email Composer.

It allows you to, among other capabilities:

  • create emails that look good for all your recipients and all viewing experiences,
  • customise every element of your message with content Blocks and Structures,
  • use the Modules library to re-use content that doesn’t change often.

You can leverage all the Profile data to create fully personalised messages.

You can add texts, links or images and design overall appearance. See these related articles:

Unsubscritpion is also managed. You can leverage your unsubscription landing page or use Batch default one, available in several languages:

You can also add videos, see this related article:

Email template upload

In addition to Email Composer, Batch allows brands to upload ready to use email html templates. You are able to edit the html within Batch. See these related articles:

How to upload my email templates?

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