Batch is the Mobile-First Customer Engagement platform that empowers marketers in a changing world.

Mobile has disrupted the way marketers work, and a new era calls for a new engagement suite.

Batch empowers marketers with:

  • A Mobile-First Marketing Platform that integrates everywhere across web and mobile and connects to every other tool they already use.
  • A scalable, Cassandra-powered next-generation Customer Data Platform to store trillions of end-user data points and personalize each touchpoint with consumers.
  • A Multi-Channel Campaign Orchestration Engine built on top of a high-throughput Delivery Platform with the capacity to send billions of personalized messages at record speed.

Batch is the platform to grow revenue measurably, create delightful, in-the-moment user experiences and boost your team’s day-to-day productivity thanks to a modern and open engagement platform, built for today’s world and consumer habits.

Explore the key components of Batch


Email automation

You can use Batch to compose and orchestrate email scenarios. One shot messages, recurring sendings, trigger based multistep automations, transactional messages, Batch centralises all of them, with the deepest level of segmentation and personalisation.

Batch offers Enterprise level email composition experience and deliverability capacity.

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Mobile Push Notifications


This is the very first reason our users chose Batch. You can use Batch to send rich notifications using images, videos, GIFs or sounds on iOS, Android or Windows. We offer free push notifications, and premium plans for when you need better services such as a higher send rate, API access and advanced targeting options. We currently process and send millions of notifications each days, and have the backend to handle entire mobile conglomerates eager to retain their users.

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Web Push Notifications


Batch supports sending push notifications directly to web browsers, on desktop or mobile. They allow you to re-engage your users, even if your website is closed. Did we tell you that Android also supports them? After a 20 minute setup, you will be able to push them directly from your website, without making them install your app. And just like native applications, web push notifications can have rich content.

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In-App Messaging

Mobile Landings

In-App messages allow you to trigger messages when users open your app, perform a specific action or as landing pages after opening a push notification. This is great to communicate with users who have turned off push notifications or to show contextual messages while your users are browsing your app (e.g. special offers, update reminder, etc).

We have been working on formats that neatly fit your app design, bring the same experience to all your users and allow you to interact better with them.

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Analytics is the cornerstone of Batch, giving real time insights into your user-base and fueling the other modules thanks to the smart segments. You can then target those smart segments (e.g. one time users, dormant users) when setting up push notification campaigns, and adjust your message for each segment.

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Next Steps

It’s time to begin integration. Here’s how to get up and running at the speed of light.

The first step is to integrate the SDK and to set up the Push. Then, you can add support for Mobile Landings if you want to create advanced push campaigns.

The overall integration takes roughly 20 minutes. If you have any questions during the process, just ping us at or via the in-page chat (question box in the lower right of your dashboard).

Enjoy, and thanks for using Batch!