If you are having trouble understanding why Batch is not showing correct data for your app, here are some suggestions.

I’m not seeing any data on my dashboard

If Batch is not showing any data on your dashboard, here are some suggestions to find the issue:

  • 24h delay. Keep in mind that installs, DAU, starts and redeems are updated on a 24h basis, only for the Live API key.
  • Live/Dev API key: Make sure that you used the Live API key in the build you uploaded on the store. Stats are only displayed for the Live API key.
  • Integration issue: If you still don't see any stats for your app 24h after changing the API key, you should follow again the basic setup of the SDK.

The number of installs is too low after my first update with Batch

This can happen for several reasons:

First session

Your users need to open the app once after updating it to a version built with Batch. Batch will place them in the NEW segment and retrieve their device token so you can send them a message right away.

The number of installs/push tokens will increase progressively the first week, as your users migrate and make their first session.

Token imports

If you’re coming from another push provider, you may need to import your push tokens and send a notification to your old users to accelerate the transition. Make sure you don't target the new segment the week following the integration of Batch in your app.

The number of installs is different from my other tools

The reason data on Batch and your usual analytics tool or app store analytics may differ slightly, is that Batch may use different methodology and metrics to process and display the stats (timezones, data collection method, etc).

If the difference is too big be sure Batch runtime is integrated correctly.

Feel free to ping us at or if you have any other questions on your analytics.