Campaign analytics

Basic analytics

Push Campaigns List

Understanding the results of a push campaign is key to analyzing the performance of a message. The campaign list gives you basic information on all your push campaigns:

  • Sent: The total amount of sent push notifications. This number is updated every few minutes.
  • Open rate: The percentage of users who opened your notification directly or indirectly. Please note that the open rate of a campaign scheduled in local time may change over time since Batch can take more than 12 hours to deliver push notifications to all your users in different timezones (see more here).

Basic analytics are not available for campaigns sent from the API in dev mode.

Advanced analytics

If you want to see more detailed stats about a specific campaign, you can click the Stats icon in the campaign list. Let's dive into the details of the available statistics here:


Push Summary

You can find here global data on your campaign, since it has been created. The metrics displayed here can depend on the campaign's nature and status:

  • Target: Total number of installations that meet your campaign's conditions.
  • Sent: Total amount of push notifications accepted by Apple or Google, but not necessarily delivered to the end device.
  • Bounced: Total number of notifications Apple or Google couldn't deliver because users didn't have the app anymore or because of other errors.
  • Opened: Total number of users who clicked the notification (direct open) or opened the app in a 3 hours range after receiving the push (influenced open).
  • Open Rate: Total of opened notifications (direct + influenced) / Total of notifications sent to users who accepted push notifications and are not in the imported segment.


Push Performance

The Performance report is built like a conversion funnel. It allows you to measure your campaign's success at a glance:

  • Opt-ins: Number of notifications sent to opt-in users.
  • Direct: Number of users who clicked the notification.
  • Influenced: Users who received the notification and did not click it, but opened the app in a 3 hours range afterwards.
  • Reengaged: Users who received the notification and became engaged 3 days after receiving it.

If you attached a Mobile Landing to your push campaign, you will find additional stats:

  • Landing display: Total number of users who displayed the Mobile Landing.
  • 1st/2d button: Number of clicks on the first or the second button of your Mobile Landings. Hover over the tooltip to see the content.


The Delivery report gives you detailed information on the status of all the device tokens targeted by your campaign:


Push Delivery (Sent)

  • Opt-ins: Notifications sent to users who were opt-in to push notifications when the campaign targeted them.
  • Opt-outs: Notifications sent to users who were not opt-in to push notifications when the campaign targeted them.
  • Imported: Notifications sent to imported users (more information here)
  • Dev API Key: Notifications sent for installations on the Dev Api Key. A high number of notifications sent on the Dev Api Key can mean that your production app version does not integrate the right Batch API Key.


Push Delivery (Sent)

  • Skipped: Number of unserved notifications because the capping limit was reached for the targeted installation.
  • Uninstalls: We tried to send the campaign to those devices but they no longer have the app installed.
  • Errors: Errors sent by the push provider (FCM/APNS). Click the list icon to see the list of errors.

A/B testing

Batch also shows relevant information on your campaign if you are using the A/B testing feature. In the detailed results of your campaign, you will see how each message perform over time in a tabbed view.

AB testing analytics

If you want to track the number of marketing and transactional push notifications sent everyday from the dashboard or the Campaigns/Transactional API and see the global open-rate of your campaigns, take a look at Notifications, in the Analytics tab.

User Journey

If you created a user journey, Batch will display an additional report in your campaign analytics. You will be able to see how many users are still waiting for the timer to finish and why they exited the user journey:

User journey

You will also see the number of push notifications sent every day from your trigger campaign:

Trigger push sent