SDK changelog


  • Hotfix: Lock the firebase versions to ones that work without androidx or compileSdkVersion 28
    If your app requires newer firebase dependencies, please stick to 2.3.1 in the meantime
    NOTE: The 2.x branch is the final one that comes with Firebase dependencies. 3.x will require you to manage them yourselves.


  • Lock the native SDK version to 1.13 due to complications regarding Cordova and the Java 8 sourcelevel


  • Added a way to disable Firebase configuration extraction, using a variable:
    Use cordova plugin add com.batch.cordova --variable BATCHSDK_ENABLE_ANDROID_BUILTIN_FIREBASE_CONFIG=false if you run into issues when using this plugin.
  • Fix an issue where trackTransaction did not work with integers on Android
  • Fix an issue where the SDK would fail if a developer removed console.log or console.debug


This update adresses a compatibility issue with cordova-plugin-firebase, that added conflicting ressources to the APK.

Important note: This brings the minimum cordova-plugin-firebase version Batch is compatible with to 2.0.4. This can be a breaking change.



Event data support has been overhauled. As a result:

  • Introduced BatchEventData. Use this class to attach attributes and tags to an event. See this class' documentation (available in index.d.ts) for more information about limits.
  • batch.user.trackEvent(name: string, label: string, data: {}) has been deprecated
  • Calls to this method will log deprecation warnings in the console
  • Legacy data (plain JS object) will be converted to BatchEventData. Same data format restrictions apply: Any key/value entry that can't be converted will be ignored, and logged. Tags are not supported.
  • Introduced Batch.User.trackEvent(name: string, label: string, data: BatchEventData), replacing the deprecated method.

More info in the event documentation.



Remove duplicated dependencies in plugin.xml: this completes the fix introduced in 2.0.4


Re-release 2.0.4 with the right version number in plugin.xml



Remove explicit dependency on "play-services-ads".
This may cause your application to stop giving Batch your users' Advertising ID.
To restore this functionality, please use a 3rd party plugin (or a gradle file) to add firebase-analytics to your app.
Doing so may require you to add a privacy policy to your app to stay in compliance with Play Store rules.


  • Fix an issue where Batch User editor's setIdentifier, setLanguage and setRegion did not accept null values


  • The plugin's Android hook now checks for cordova-plugin-firebase and tweaks its behaviour accordingly to prevent conflicts


  • Fixed an issue where iOS might not return the expected value in async calls
  • Implemented Inbox on iOS


Rewrote the plugin:

  • Native code is now included in the open-source repository, meaning that 3rd party developers can update the underlying native SDKs directly.
  • Plugin is fully definied in a typescript definition, improving documentation readability and Ionic support
  • Plugin is now testable
  • Cordova-plugin's versioning system will now differ from the native SDK versioning

Cordova 8 compatibility. Note: Users of earlier versions of cordova will have to downgrade to 1.7.4

Updated native SDKs to 1.12.0

Android now uses FCM to register for notifications: setGCMSenderId has been removed, and you will need to generate a google-services.json file to keep push notifications.


Hotfix: Added a package.json plugin descriptor

Note: Cordova 7 is not supported yet. This fix simply allows for the plugin to be installable with Cordova 7

Update native SDKs to the latest version
The plugin now depends on the appcompat-v7 library on Android
Added support for Mobile Landings
Added a "hasMobileLanding" property in the push event, so you can avoid doing some actions on a push that already displayed a mobile landing


Update native SDKs to 1.7
Added the ability to turn on foreground push delivery on Android (rather than delivering them in the notification center) to match iOS' behaviour.
The plugin now depends on the support-v4 library



  • Update native SDKs to 1.5.3



  • Update native SDKs to 1.5
  • Custom user data (attributes, tags and events)
  • Added an API to retrieve Batch's unique installation identifier
  • Deprecated BatchUserProfile
  • Added ability to start Batch in a service


Initial stable plugin release.