SDK changelog

Change log and release notes for the Batch SDK.

Minor and patch releases are automatically rolled out to pages. You can upgrade between major versions by changing the version of the script included in your webpage: look for in the script tag, where v1 is the major version.



  • Reworked how including our service worker is done. It will now be automatically updated to the latest version. This also gets rid of the async importScripts which could cause issues in a shared service worker environment.

Note: This version comes with an update to the service worker loader and shared worker implementation. You will have to redownload batchsdk-worker-loader.js and deploy it to your website. If using the shared worker, download batchsdk-shared-worker.js and replace your existing setupSharedBatchSDK method with the new one.

If you rely on a shared service worker implementation, please upgrade ASAP to stay compatible with latest Chrome and Firefox versions.



  • Fix an issue where the registration token would not be immediatly sent to the server, if the service worker had been unregistered by a 3rd party
  • Fix an issue where calling Batch's API would fail if called before the SDK is ready. Calls will now be enqueued properly.

UI Components:

  • Fix popin's title propery not being honored in configuration.


UI Components:

  • Improved button format rendering on mobile devices.
  • Replaced header tags from UI components with more simple tags.
  • Fixed banner's left position.
  • Fixed a Firefox bug where alert might never appear.
  • Implement pushsubscriptionchange on the ServiceWorker
  • Lazy load help images for browser permission re-optin
  • Help images are now available in webp for chrome, and their PNG versions have been optimized


  • Fix a link replacement bug in the popin UI component


  • Fix Alert buttons not showing up on Chrome 58 and lower.


  • Fix RTL text alignment on the Alert format
  • Fix some UI components not working anymore with Chrome 60 and lower


  • Fix an issue where opening a notification in Chrome would not do anything


  • Fix a registration bug with Chrome 62+ in multidomain/insecure mode
  • Fix an issue where the button's example push would show incorrectly


  • Added a new UI component format: Alert
  • The "button" UI component now supports configuring a preview of the push notifications users rather than a placeholder
  • The "button" UI component now supports changing the bell's hover color, using the hoverForegroundColor configuration key
  • Exposed the previously undocumented "ui" object of the SDK's public API.
  • Most UI components now support a autoShow configuration option, preventing them to be automatically shown. (usage. ui:{ banner: { autoShow: false } })
  • Banner's hideFor default value is now 7 days
  • Added "", and "ui.hide" methods, allowing developers to have control over when UI components should be displayed. Should be used with autoShow: false. (usage: batchSDK("", "banner"))