Batch supports sending push notifications directly to web browsers, desktop or mobile. They allow you to reengage your users, even if your website is closed.

Did we tell you that Android supports them? Once you integrate the SDK, you'll be able to push them directly from your website, without making them install your app. And just like native applications, web push notifications can have rich content.

Web Push is a paid option. Also available as a standalone paid plan. Contact your sales representative for more informations.

Browser compatibility

Batch supports the Push API W3C standard, meaning that any browser implementing it will be compatible with our Web SDK. As of writing (March 2018), the following browsers support it: Chrome, Firefox and derivatives such as Opera or Vivaldi. Microsoft Edge will be supported shortly. Combined, they make up 71,61% of the desktop market share.

Safari added Push Notification support earlier than other browsers, and way before the Push API standard was drafted, so it uses the APN protocol, much like iOS. Support for it will soon be added to Batch.

On iOS, Push Notifications are not supported by any browser, even in Safari.

Here's the detailed browser compatibility table:

Chrome Safari Firefox Edge IE Opera
Windows ¹ ²
macOS ²

¹ Available since Spring Creators Update (Version 1803) ² The new Microsoft Edge (based on Chromium) is supported