Adding your website to the dashboard

The very first step is to go to Batch's dashboard and add your website:

Add website to dashboard

Fully secure mode requirements

1. HTTPS Redirection

All your visitors trying to come on the http version of your website should be redirected on the appropriate https page. HSTS can help with that.

2. No mixed content

Your site is fully secure, and does not serve mixed content. Simply look for the green padlock in your browser's address bar.

Secure website example

On the other hand, if your website looks like that: Mixed content website example

you should either try to fix this issue (Chrome will tell you what's wrong in the "Security" tab of the Inspector), or switch to the HTTP mode (not recommended).

3. Only one subdomain

All your webpages are served from the same subdomain.

For example, you shouldn't serve your website on both and, but rather make it so any request on the www. sub domain redirects to the root domain.

If you would like to implement web push on several subdomains, please check Domains and subdomains management.