Creating an app

Let's get going!

The very first step is to go to Batch's dashboard and create a new Android app.

Registering a new app

Now let's generate your push keys and put them in Batch's dashboard.

Getting your Server API Key

Here are the two steps you need to take to find your Server API Key.

First, go to the Firebase console. Once you are logged in, select your existing project or create a new one.

Create New App

Then, click the ⚙ next to your project name and "Project settings". Click the "Cloud Messaging" tab and copy your Server API Key.

FCM setup

Important: Make sure you choose an existing project instead of creating a new one if you are migrating from an other push provider.

Configuring Batch Push

Now go to ⚙ Settings → General on Batch's dashboard. Choose a default language and paste your Server API Key in ⚙️ Settings → Push settings.

FCM Keys