You can modify your SDK integration to disable the collection of the advertising ID or of advanced device information (e.g. carrier, network type, device brand and model).

Advertising ID

By default, Batch SDK will try to collect the advertising ID (GAID).

You can manage the advertising ID collection by using the following methods:


Important note: In case you disable the advertising id collection, make sure you offer an alternative for users to find a debug id in the app. This will allow you to troubleshoot their issues and easily debug your app too (see more here).

Advanced Device Information

Advanced device information include information about the device itself, but nothing that directly identifies the user, such as (but not limited to):

  • Device model
  • Device brand
  • Carrier name

You can manage the advanced device information collection by using the following methods. Set the value to YES if Batch can try to use advanced device information:


Important note: Disabling advanced device information collection will impact Batch core features, especially if you are planning to use native attributes to segment your userbase (see more here). It won't disable the advertising id collection (GAID).