Overriding SDK Version

By default The Batch React-Native plugin use the latest patch native sdk version of Batch for Android and iOS. When we release a new minor version of the native SDKs, it may take some time before we release the compatibility for the plugins. So that's why the plugin allows you to override the native sdk version used, to enjoy the latest native version before plugins are released.

If you decide to override the native sdk version, please be careful when updating the plugin to change this version if necessary, it may not compile anymore.


Just add the extra property batchSdkVersion in your top-level build.gradle file.

// android/build.gradle

buildscript {
    ext {
        batchSdkVersion = '1.19.1'
    dependencies {

On Android (only) it is possible to downgrade the native batch sdk version but it's absolutely not recommanded. There's a good chance the plugin won't compile anymore if you do.


Just add pod 'Batch', '1.19.1' in your ios/Podfile.

target 'YourApp' do
  pod 'Batch', '1.19.1'

And then update the installed pod by running in a terminal:

cd ios && pod install