Campaigns and Automations

Automations building

SMS messages can be part of Trigger Automations scenarios. The Automation Builder allows the conception of multistep flows with decisioning logics, leveraging Profile information and algorithms. SMS messages can be mixed with other Email and Push messages to build truly omnichannel orchestrations.

Capping mechanisms can be applied to comply with marketing fatigue strategies. The Quiet Hours feature allows the avoidance of message sending on times you don’t want to disturb subscribers (during the night, for example).

Opt-out management

An indication of how to stop receiving SMS is automatically added at the end of marketing SMS scenarios. This automatic indication of how to stop receiving messages guarantees compliance with consent management practices. It looks like “STOP 43245”. 43243 is a shortcode that will vary across countries, automatically. Of course, these unsubscription instructions will not be added on transactional SMS scenarios.

In case of STOP message sending by the person targeted by an SMS, we will immediately apply this unsubscription and move their status to "opt-out" in the associated profile.