Creating an app

Let's get going!

The very first step is to go to Batch's dashboard and create a new Windows app.

Registering a new app

Now let's generate your push identifiers and upload them to Batch's dashboard.

Getting your SID and Secret key

The Batch dashboard needs to have your SID and Secret key to be able to push your application.They need to match the store application you've associated your app to.

This guide assumes that you've already setup your Windows Store App in the Windows Dev Center

First, go to the Microsoft account Developer Center.

Microsoft account Developer Center home

Pick your app, and click on "Edit settings" and then "App settings".

Application Settings

Congratulations! You should see your your app settings and identifiers, with your Package SID and Client secret.

Configuring Batch Push

Now go to ⚙ Settings → Push settings and paste your Package SID and Client secret.

Dashboard Wizard