Choosing the HTTP/Multidomain mode

The HTTP/Multidomain support has been dropped on the 3.0 version of our SDK.

We advise against using this integration mode. It's often better to wait that your website is secured (HTTPS) before implementing push notifications. Please reach out to our team so we can discuss your specific goals and advise you on this topic.

If for any reason you cannot use the secure mode, here is a list of disadvantages that come with the HTTP/Multidomain mode:

  • Subscribing to notifications will be more tedious:
  • Users will have to allow notifications in a popup, which has a negative impact on opt-in rates.
  • They will also be more frustrated if they want to disable notificaitons, since this will have to be done in a popup too.
  • <your_app> will appear on received notifications, potentially confusing the user.

Tokens will be granted for the <your_app> subdomain, making them unusuable with another provider.

  • Browsers don't always support this mode, as Firefox that dropped support for push subscription in iframes.

Secure vs HTTP opt-in comparaison

If you're still sure that you want to go on with a HTTP/multidomain integration, you will need to use a SDK version below 3.0, and add the following line to the JavaScript configuration tag setup object:

sameOrigin: false