Custom region/language

Batch allows you to set a custom region or a custom language that will override the value detected by the SDK. By default, Batch collects the language and the country of your users' browser's settings.

Since the region cannot be collected from the browser, Batch can use GeoIP on server side. This is disabled by default, but you may want to enable it, to do so update your Batch's SDK setup as following:

batchSDK('setup', {
  // Optional - Default data collection related configuration.
  defaultDataCollection: {

    // Whether Batch should resolve the user's region/location from the ip address.
    // Optional - default: false
    geoIP: true

Setting a custom region/language is useful if:

  • You don't want to use the values detected by Batch.
  • Your users can choose their own language or region for localization purposes.

Here is how to set a custom region/language:

  • Javascript (ES8)
  • Javascript
batchSDK(async api => {
    const profile = await api.profile();
    await profile.edit(editor => {

A list of language and region/country codes can be found here.