Testing your integration

Batch provides a simple debug tool that allows you to test your custom data integration (⚙ Settings → Debug). It shows all the data available for a specific user ID:

  • Token: Find the token of a specific device.
  • Custom user ID: Check if your custom ID implementation is working correctly.
  • Native attributes: See the installation date, last session date, country and more information on a specific user / install.

Debug tool

Finding your ID

In order to use the debug tool, you will need an existing Custom user ID or Advertising Identifier (IDFA/GAID).


You can use The Identifiers app to find your Advertising Identifier (IDFA). Just install the app on your device, tap on the button in the top right corner and copy the raw Advertising Identifier.


The Google Advertising ID (GAID) can be found in the settings of your device: Settings → Apps → Google → Ads.

Understanding the results

The results displayed in the debug tool are updated in real time. There are five different pieces of information shown for a single ID:

  • Basic information (token, install ID, custom user ID, etc).
  • Native attributes prefixed with b. (b.attribute_name).

Here are some details on the native attributes you will find in the results:

  • b.app_version: Version of the app installed on your user's device.
  • b.carrier_code: Your user's carrier. The code provided by Batch is a combination of the Mobile country code (MCC) and the Mobile network code (MNC). The full list of MCC and MNC codes is available here.
  • b.city_code: City detected by Batch using IP geolocation.
  • b.device_brand: Brand of your user's device.
  • b.device_type: Model of your user's device. See here if you need more information on a specific iOS/android-v1 device model.
  • b.install_date: Install date of the app (UTC/GMT).
  • b.language: Language of your user.
  • b.last_push_date: Date of the last sent notification from the dashboard or the Campaigns API (UTC/GMT).
  • b.last_visit_date: Date of the last session (UTC/GMT).
  • b.os_version: Version of the OS used on your user's device.
  • b.region: Country of your user.
  • b.is_push_optin: True if the install is opt-in to push, meaning that it can receive and display push notifications