As you may have noticed on our Partners page, we already have a handful of third-party integrations to allow you to make the best of all your data management and marketings tools.

Some of these integrations are completely available on self-service and do not require any operations from us while others are to be activated manually. We are doing our best to offer you the largest partnership catalog, but there are services out there which Batch is still not connected to. So don't hesitate to contact us via the live chat or for any integration request.

This documentation will first focus on illustrating the basic possibilities, then the integration process and schema for each typology of partnership. Technical aspects will be detailed more thoroughly in the following page.

Building an ecosystem around Batch

At Batch, we advocate a best-of-breed approach for our customers: they should always go for the most specialised and in the end, capable tool to meet their marketing needs in engagement, storage, BI, analytics etc. This has a few remarkable consequences:

  • Data Silos. Tremendous amounts of data are gathered on each service but are not leverageable outside the service's direct scope as data tends to be clustered in 'data silos', possibily causing inconsistencies in reports depending on the platform their were built from.
  • Independence between marketing channels. User engagement is managed independently between availables channels, creating redondance and marketing fatigue.
  • Painful integration work. Without built-in and plug'n'play connections, combining different marketing tools together manually can be tedious work.
  • Shortfall on integrations benefits. Integrations are also here to give Batch customers the best each tool can offer, boosting app's retention and revenue while minimising userbase churn rate.

While Batch is fully functional as a standalone solution, it has been designed to be easily plugged into compatible marketing solutions to cope with those well-known issues. This is why we try to connect to as much diverse platforms as possible, to make it easier to leverage all their data and channels while creating interesting synergies for Batch customers and their userbase.

This documentation will cover the basic possibilities of partnerships and technical integrations. You will find our most classic integrations here, but don't hesitate to reach out to us at if you have something totally different in mind, we are always excited to build something new!

Partnership process

First, let's get in touch! We are always curious of how we could connect Batch to a new product. Here are a few questions that are worth answering on a possible partnership.

  • If the projects stems from a customer request, what are its precises needs? And how can we build a generic connector that will be easy to deploy in the future.
  • What type of integration is to be built for this connector ?
  • What solution should be preferred regarding the available options?

Now that we have an idea of what we have to build here, let's take a look at the basic possibilities that we offer in terms of technical integrations.

Alternatively, you can continue on the next page to discover classic schemas of integrations to get a better idea of how we connect to third parties solutions.