Huawei Push

This guide assumes that you have already integrated the Batch SDK into your app as Batch's HMS plug-in isn't standalone.

Note: Expo isn't supported. Please use standard React Native, or eject to the bare workflow.

As Batch's HMS plug-in works automatically without having to call any native code yourself, there is no react-native plugin to install it. Installing the dependencies is beginner-friendly, but some knowledge of Android's toolchain (especially Gradle) is helpful.

However, you will need to:

  • Setup Huawei's services in your Android project. As of writing, there is no React-Native plugin providing HMS' core library : Huawei advises to integrate it natively in their React-Native documentation.
  • Add Batch's HMS native dependency


  • Locate the android folder of your React-Native project, which contains the skeleton of the built Android app. Use of Android Studio is recommended.
  • Then, follow Batch's Android Huawei Push documentation. The steps are exactly the same as the ones for native Android projects.