Campaigns migration

Once your app has been released with Batch SDK, you will be able to migrate your push campaigns to Batch. The migration steps vary depending on the migration type you chose:

  • If you chose the Hot Swap method, you need to migrate your campaigns as soon as possible since the new opt-in users are only reachable via Batch.
  • For a Staged Migration, all users will still be reachable from both your previous provider and Batch, so you can migrate the campaigns gradually over days/weeks.

Campaigns creation

For both migration types, we recommend that you create in parallel:

  • A campaign targeting IMPORTED segment only, with the previous provider's payload
  • A campaign targeting the rest of the userbase, without the previous provider's payload


We advise against creating a unique campaign targeting the IMPORTED segment and the rest of the userbase, for the following reasons:

  • Statistics: Since statistics on Batch dashboard are provided by the Batch SDK, your open rate would be diluted because of the IMPORTED users targeted by this unique campaign. Also, creating a dedicated campaign for the IMPORTED segment allows you to track the evolution of the IMPORTED segment separately.
  • In case of a staged Migration only, if you implemented an Interceptor, the Batch receiver will be disabled if a payload key from your previous provider is detected. This results in the disabling of Batch specific features: Mobile Landing, opening detection, etc. even on a version of the app that implements Batch.

Targeting imported users

After we’ve completed your tokens import, a new IMPORTED segment will be available.

Imported users

There are a few things you need to keep in mind before targeting your newly imported users:

  • The IMPORTED segment is not targeted by default when you create a new campaign. Don't forget to select it the next time you want to send a notification.
  • Imported users will be progressively analysed and transferred to other Smart Segments after their first session.
  • The first time you send a notification to your imported users, Batch will clean the inactive or invalid tokens that may come from your previous push provider. Depending on how many invalid tokens we find, the number of users in the IMPORTED segment will decrease a few days after the import.

Important: If you select the IMPORTED segment, you must include the previous provider's payload in your campaign to contact your users correctly (more details here).

Campaigns statistics


The campaign statistics are provided by the Batch SDK, this is why you may notice that the campaign statistics are not available for campaigns that target users who don’t have Batch SDK.

Imported tokens and APIs

The IMPORTED segment can be targeted via the Transactional API (using Custom User IDs) or the Push Campaigns API (using Custom Audiences). Anytime you target the IMPORTED segment (even when using APIs), don't forget to include the previous provider's payload.

Your API-scheduled notifications can be migrated in the same way as described above.

Note: Data sent via the Custom Data API are not taken into account for the tokens in the IMPORTED segment.