Overriding native SDK versions

Batch Cordova Plugin depends on native Android and iOS SDKs. It is set to use latest patch version of the minor native SDK version that was available when the plugin was published.
For example, Batch Cordova Plugin 3.0 was published when iOS and Android native SDKs' latest versions were 1.17.0: without having to update the plugin, it will automatically use 1.17.1 when available but not 1.18.

If you need a specific native SDK version, you can control it using a Cordova plugin variable:

  • BATCHSDK_ANDROID_VERSION for Android. Syntax is a Gradle version specification.
  • BATCHSDK_IOS_VERSION for iOS. Syntax is a Cocoapod Podfile version specification.

For example, forcing SDK 1.18 while keeping automatic patch updates would look like:

cordova plugin add @batch.com/cordova-plugin --variable BATCHSDK_ANDROID_VERSION="1.18.+" --variable BATCHSDK_IOS_VERSION="~> 1.18"

If you're using Ionic Capacitor, see their documentation regarding how to set Cordova plugin variables.

Note: Versions earlier than 1.17.0 are not supported.