POST - Remove

See create to see an introduction about Audience API.

API Description

This API schema is available in the OpenAPI 3.1 format: View it online.

Request structure


The Audience API exposes a POST endpoint that allows to delete a audience :

NOTE: If the deleted audience is already used as a campaign targeting, Batch will consider it as an empty audience.

Headers and authentication

See Overview → Using Project APIs.

Post data

The body of the request must contain a valid JSON payload describing the operations to be executed on the audience.

Here is a how a complete JSON payload looks like:

  "name": "AUDIENCE_NAME"

Let's see the parameters in detail.

namestring - Required
Name of the audience.



If the call to the API endpoint is successful you will receive an HTTP 202 confirmation.


If the POST data does not meet the API requirements you will receive an actionable error message. Contact us at if you need further support.

See the list of potential failures in the specification.