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Batch SDK - Web

Batch SDK - Web

This documentation describe Batch SDK's public API.

Once you've called batchSDK("setup", {...}), the public API can be accessed.

You can get the PublicAPI implementation by calling the global batchSDK method:

window.batchSDK(api => { ... })


window.batchSDK(function(api) {

Example: Fetching your Installation ID, using getInstallationID:

window.batchSDK(api => api.getInstallationID().then(console.log))

Note that methods are also available in an alternate call style, where the first argument to batchSDK() is the method name.

Subsequent arguments are forwarded to the public API method.

Example: Forcibly showing an UI component (ui.show) with both API call styles:

window.batchSDK(api => api.ui.show("alert", true));


window.batchSDK("ui.show", "alert", true);

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