Managing themes

Before getting your hands on the creation of an In-App campaign, you first have to design a theme for it. It’s a template that you will be able to reuse for your Mobile Landing or In-App Campaigns.

To start designing a new theme, go to Settings > Theme.


First, let’s have a quick look at the interface:

  • Attached themes: The upper part of this interface displays the available themes for the currently selected app.
  • Available themes: The lower part shows the available themes for all your other apps. If you want to make one available for your currently selected app, just hover your mouse over it and click the Attach button.

Creating a new theme

Start creating a theme by clicking the New theme button. You will need to pick a format first:



You can add an image, text fields, buttons and change their colors. Feel free to browse among the many available options to fit your In-App message style to your app overall look.

Here you can change the position, the text fields and the number of buttons. You can also add an auto dismiss feature, so your In-App message will automatically be dismissed after 10 seconds.

Please note you can change the font of In-App messages by following this documentation : iOS/Android.